Theresa, Rachel and I(KT) all find botany a very interesting subject, and jumped at the opportunity to learn more about it. Sometime during our lives, we all hope to some how better the agricultural world through science, and help poverty stricken families as well. It's so amazing to think that just by creating a certain gene, scientists could save millions of dollars worth of crops, and save many lives.

Once we learned more about how flood-tolerant crops could help the human race in so many way, we were so shocked! Looking more in depth on the subject of flood-tolerant crops brought the fact that so many people are starving in foreign countries, to our attention. Rachel, Theresa and I wanted to learn more about how Scientists were able to create a gene so precisely that crops could survive flooding for up to 17 days! After many hours of research, we now understand how this whole idea works, and how Scientists hope this study will advance, and that flood-tolerant crops hopefully will be more common in years to come.


KT(Far left) enjoys reading, singing in the school choir, and spending time with her friends & family. She enjoys running and playing soccer, as well as hanging out with her older sister, Belyn.

Theresa(Middle) is an avid member of the schools choir, and likes to spend her time either with friends or her family. She also enjoys running, & writing, or playing with her dogs, Zoe & Mary.

Rachel(Right) spends her time cheering on our school. She's a well-hearted cheerleader who prefers to spend her time with friends & family, or drawing/painting.

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